˜Theœ Chomsky effect : a radical works beyond the ivory tower

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      Includes bibliographical references (p. [351]-367) and index
      Preface -- Dissent -- The Chomsky effect within and beyond the ivory tower -- Resisting and reviling the Chomsky effect -- Effective precursors: anarchists, cartesians, liberals and the radical left -- Milieus -- Just effects: Chomsky on law, ethics and human rights -- Effective teaching: from catalyst to institute professor -- Obfuscating the Chomsky effect: media, propaganda, and postmodern language studies -- Literature, humor, and the effects of creative discourses -- The effective 'public' intellectual
      Noam Chomsky as political gadfly, groundbreaking scholar, and intellectual guru: key issues in Chomsky's career and the sometimes contentious reception to his ideas
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LJ Reviews 2007 September #1

Barsky (English, comparative literature, & French & Jewish studies, Vanderbilt Univ.; Noam Chomsky: A Life of Dissent ) has written an evenhanded view of Chomsky's writings and thoughts. He works in the Chomsky tradition of radical politics and considers Chomsky a major figure in political thought and linguistic analysis. The key for Barsky in understanding his subject is to place him in the anarchist tradition. Chomsky considers himself a rationalist with roots in the French and Scottish Enlightenments, as distinct from postmodernity. Barsky fully explores the controversial nature of Chomsky's writings (the Robert Faurisson and Pol Pot discussions), the figures whose philosophies have influenced him (e.g., Wilhelm von Humboldt, Rudolph Rocker, and John Dewey), and his views and ideas on law, education, contemporary thought, literature, and computer science. He also covers Chomsky's own influence on popular culture, his humor, and his commitment to inspire people to think independently. Chomsky is an important figure in trying to evolve public thinking on justice, liberty, and national safety. His ideas are controversial, his writings powerful, and his thoughts essential to the national discussion. Recommended for political science collections.—Gene Shaw, NYPL

[Page 152]. Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information.

PW Reviews 2007 December #5

With this study, Vanderbilt professor Barsky follows up Noam Chomsky: A Life of Dissent , his first expository volume on the octogenarian MIT linguist-cum-political writer. It focuses on how Chomsky's political writings—often published in small venues and in reaction to developing events—get disseminated and used throughout the world. The result is an indirect approach to a compelling subject, namely, what are Chomsky's politics, and what broader lessons can be drawn from them? Barsky begins by defining what he calls "the Chomsky effect," whereby Chomsky's ideas get distorted and argued about in degraded form, whether by bolsterers or naysayers, resulting not only in bad arguments, but in undeserved infamy for Chomsky. He tracks the effect through the academy, the radical left, legal studies, literature and media, and along the way provides very lucid commentary on, and summation of, Chomsky's ideas. That said, Barsky, like Chomsky himself, refuses to distill Chomsky's thoughts to sound bites as he sifts through all the claims and counterclaims. That may prove frustrating for some readers, but it is fully in the spirit of Chomsky's own work. (Oct.)

[Page 27]. Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information.